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Курдский ход

Курды подумали-подумали и заявили, что освобождение Заречья в провинции ДэЗ практически завершено и достигнуто благодаря помощи США - и ВНИМАНИЕ - России
Более того, они и фото распространили очень колоритные
[Spoiler (click to open)]

что особенно показательно - эти заявления сделаны от лица ЮПГ. и выражают благодарность з аподдержку США и РФ, а также надеются на продолжение сотрудничества....
перевод арабского текста:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Thanks to the legendary resistance of People’s Defense Units and the support of local tribes of Deir Ez-Zor, the eastern countryside of the city has been fully liberated from Islamic State. SDF managed to defeat IS at the eastern banks of Euphrates with the International Coalition and Russia’s support.
We thank to the US-led International Coalition and Russia who provided us with the air support, logistics and advising on the ground.
We hope that they will continue support SDF forces and strengthen aerial defense. As the battle against IS terrorism comes to an end, we have much to do in order to establish stabilization and peace in Syria.
In a short time we are going to establish local administrative councils consisting notables of the region. The councils are going to consist of Kurds an Arabs and they will run the mechanism of administration pursuant to democracy and peace principles.
The eastern part of Deir Ez-zor is going to be a part of Democratic Syria. We are trying to establish a new form of community that ensures the rights of all ethnical and religious groups. All the international forces that is present in Syria conflict must work in order to create a future of peace, democracy and freedom in the regions saved by our forces and must defend these areas.
We announce that we are ready to found Joint Operations centers and General Command with those who are determined in the fight against terrorism. ”

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